• I have thick hair, even though the bottom half of it is shaved off. I hate drying my hair as it just takes too long. I even get bored waiting on my stylist to finish drying my hair. This is faster than anything else I have used. Not to mention my hair is wavyish. When it's wet it has wave to it, and then when it dries it is straight. So if I let it air dry it ends up being frizzy looking quite often. This smoothed out my hair and dried it. I love it, and regret not buying it sooner. I want to use it on my daughter's hair next. Hers is super thick as well, even more so than mine and it goes down to her waist.
  • I lost all of my hair due to chemo and have been using wigs ever since. This wig is extremely comfortable and less "tangley" than the rest but it had volume in the wrong places making it look way too poofy, but this straightner helped control the craziness and added a much more natural look to it! So far no complaints and I love it!! It's working for my other wigs aswell!
  • Glad to have it I have thick hair&it dries it&styles good
  • I Love this hair straightener comes on in seconds very light and sturdy a must have for the price!!!